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This weekend we started going through...every.thing.we.own... to see what we can throw away, what we can sell, and what we don't really use but we're keeping so we could put those things in boxes. So, when I say we started... I mean, we packed 3 boxes lol.

It is amazing just how much clutter one collects over the years... and add two more people to that and you have basically what we have... a lot of drawers that are basically hiding the fact that we tend to never throw anything away! I posted this on facebook yesterday...
So, in our attempt to start packing, The Mr. is emptying out drawers that are really just his 'filing' system... ie, tat (junk, clutter). So, he asks me what I think we should do with some of the things. Some background btw, we have things that he doesn't want to keep that I do, things that fall into the category of furniture, NOT tat, but things he'd have put out ages ago if it weren't for my thinking they were useful. So, when I said, 'just throw them in the bin, no need to be precious about things that should have been put in the bin years ago'. He responded with 'finally (insert grin) you're coming around to MY way of thinking.' I told him... 'I've always felt that way about YOUR stuff'. Short lived victory on his part.
So, yeah, we're moving right along!

We did find one thing out, that honestly, if the Mr. had been on time for his appointment, we wouldn't have heard. It just confirms my theory that the times when things just keep happening out of the blue that keep you from getting out the door could very well be divinely planned! :) But we're looking into this as it would be a huge help to us!

What wasn't a help to us, last week, was what can only best be described as my greed... a friend of mine posted on facebook a HUGE parcel she received from another mutual friend from the US that was filled with sweets from America. I mean, a HUGE parcel. Filled with sweets that we don't have here in Old Blighty, so as I examined the photo (yes, I sat here staring at the enlarged image trying to make out what everything was) I started thinking... I want that... and that... hmmm that looks interesting too...

So, I showed it to the Mr. Well, I was sure his sweet tooth would cause him to want them too and then he'd help me on my quest... he really didn't see what I was seeing. The 'candy corn' was such lovely autumny colours and that was what the first obsession was... I wanted Candy Corn. I posted on facebook that I wanted some and several people found links for me of places in the UK you could purchase it. They also left comments telling me it didn't taste nice and one friend told me that there are lots of ingredients in US foods that are banned in Europe.

Undeterred, I kept telling the Mr. how I'd found different items for different prices until finally, in a momentary lapse in judgement, he told me I could use the £7 he had in paypal from some bike things he'd sold to purchase the candy corn and by this time I'd also been told about circus peanuts so I'd found these too.

I looked on ebay for candy corn and circus peanuts and soon found a shop that sells a LOT of US products. So, I bought a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, 15 individually wrapped circus peanuts (these are like our shrimp or banana foam sweets, though ours are not individually wrapped... ), and a bag of candy corn.

I had such hope they'd all arrive the same day, but they didn't... they came over the course of 3 days. Which I initially thought was inconvenient but it turned out to not be quite so much...

The first items to arrive were the circus peanuts and macaroni and cheese. We immediately started unwrapping the circus peanuts and trying them.  These, as I mentioned, were very similar to some foam sweets we have, again, ours aren't individually wrapped. Peanuts is also a bit misleading as they are the size of the entire monkey nut, not just the peanut inside... but everything is bigger in America lol...

Later in the day, I was so looking forward to the macaroni and cheese. We read the instructions on the box and I decided it sounded like a LOT of milk so I opted for mine to be made with water and butter... and the space shuttle orange dust that came in the box with the mini macaroni pasta. The Mr. made it with milk for his portion.

yes, I photoshopped the photo...
He came up with the two bowls and we wondered about the nearly glow in the dark orange colour, but I was not hindered by that. I was so excited, I took a big bite of it. The Mr. wasn't going to even touch his based solely on the expression on my face when it hit my taste buds. He did allow me to try his, made with milk, just in case that was why mine tasted as it did... but no, it wasn't even a noticeable difference. As well, I'm used to not using milk since I'm allergic to it. I ate 3 or 4 bites of the macaroni and 'cheese like substance' before giving it to the Mr. He didn't like it, but he finished it all since it was our meal. Men seem to be different to women in this. I won't eat something I don't like, no matter how hungry I am... whereas a man will... Anyway, within ten minutes (this is NOT an exaggeration, I give you my word) we both were feeling stomach cramps and nausea. It didn't end well. at. all. Upon further inspection of the ingredients (our ingredient lists are amazingly simple... no chemicals added to our foods), we learned that it had milk protein and some chemical names we didn't know what they were... but being allergic to milk, it took hours for me to feel better and the Mr. wasn't overly impressed either.

Being people who never learn are adventurous, the following day when the Lucky Charms arrived, we immediately got two bowls, two spoons and a bowl of water for me and milk for the Mr. (I use either water or fruit juice for breakfast cereals since I can't have milk... the Mr. is also allergic to milk, not as much, but he 'prefers' to just suffer through...sigh). We poured the strangely shaped cereal into the two bowls. Not sure what the 'message' is from Lucky Charms, having both oats shaped in Christian fish, but also having a magical leprechaun... but the 'marshmallows' made the milk and the water turn a lovely shade of ... murky grey. Still, the cereal wasn't too bad. Within seconds we were both absolutely buzzing... wow! We read the ingredients on this and were confused as to why they say they are filled with vitamins and great for kids. Please read this... we did not, nor would we ever, give this to Little Poppet! LOL She's never had sugar and I'm convinced US sugar is different to ours. It must be, it was listed 3 times in the ingredients... 'sugar, oats, more sugar, marshmallows made of space shuttle ingredients, did we mention sugar?'.

Fifteen minutes later we were both taking ibuprofen to hopefully help our increasing migraines. But... we also ate another bowl of it each lol... the Mr. finished it off. Strange flavour but not necessarily bad tasting... but US sugar must be like crack, you are instantly addicted. That's all I can guess as to why we kept on eating it even though we were nearly crying in pain.

So, the next day when the candy corn arrived, you'd think we'd have refused the delivery. No no... not us... we opened the bag as fast as we could and poured out the... wax like sweets. We can't think of any sweets here that are similar. And the mix of corn and honey flavours was not what I call nice. Ok, yes, I was warned of this on facebook. A warning I will take to my grave because the Mr. would not be impressed if he knew I'd been forewarned! I didn't like the candy corn... at. all... the Mr. didn't either but as you can guess, he still ate it. What wasn't eaten we put string in and are using them as tealight candles around the house. Ok, I made that part up. He ate it all.

The funny thing is, I had no less than 5 people offer to send me parcels with macaroni and cheese and candy corn and circus peanuts. I would have felt guilty having someone go out of their way like that for me so I didn't take anyone up on it. That may have saved our lives. We've decided that Americans are tougher than we thought. Certainly your stomachs are! LOL...

Of course, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking what the Mr. can sell so I can buy some sugar free very cherry jelly belly beans.

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