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It has been more than rewarding being a part of an organisation that has helped bring more than 1200 children HOME to their forever families in the past eight years!

We brought back the RR Calendar this year! This makes a great way to share the mission and ministry of Reece's Rainbow with the people in your life!

Be sure to download your copy to print to enjoy some of the beautiful colours of Reece's Rainbow all year round!

The 2015 Angels Among Us Reece's Rainbow Calendar


Download PDF
Select 'FIT TO PAGE' when printing


Yesterday was the official 'launch' of my being Rob and Julia's family warrior. It was so fun being able to be part of their Really Really Big Huge Announcement in a small way lol!

So, for my first day I posted Julia's blog post on my timeline and also on the RR Facebook page. Any warrior or family can request for a post or their FSP to be posted on the RR Facebook, just message myself or Andrea if you have something you'd like shared from there!

If you scroll down my site you will see the Family Warrior button and Julia's FSP button! Again, such an easy way to share! Our families all have the FSP buttons and so advocates putting those on their blogs really do help to bring those children home!

I also am starting to gather things to use for a fundraiser for the Nalle's. As a family warrior you don't have to actually host fundraisers if you aren't able to, but if the family has a fundraiser it is great if you can help spread the word for theirs!

Mine is going to be called a Global Giveaway. Julia has 'shouted' so many precious children home from all over the globe so I thought that suited a giveaway for them. I am asking the RR families who are home if they have an item, something that could be from their child's country or at least similar to something from their country, to be included as prizes. My hope is that some of the families of the children she helped get home could donate an item to use to help get Harper home!

If you are one such family and you have something you would like to donate, please send me an email! If you have a photo of the item, its description, maybe a story of how Julia helped you and if you want, a before and after of your RR child and I would love to include it with my Global Giveaway for Harper!

If you can use the subject 'Global Giveaway' that will help me to sort my emails. I get more emails than I can count most days so... the subject will be a huge help! AND if you are willing to contribute and participate THANK YOU!

I would say that so far being a family warrior has been very exciting! Seeing all the 'like's on my Facebook post sharing their announcement really was fun! Now, if I can just convince them to stop over in London on their way home when they are bringing her home ;) ...

Have you heard about Reece's Rainbow's newest Warrior program? The Family Warrior Program is a brilliant way to help a family (hands on!) get their child home! There is NO MONETARY commitment to helping a family. You can read more about the program here (http://reecesrainbow.org/familywarriorprogram) and you can also follow along with me as a Family Warrior!

I went to the family warrior page and at the bottom there is a Sign Up button. When you click that you can choose the type of warrior you want to be, in this case, I chose FAMILY. You can also choose which family or just request a family in need of a warrior. I knew of a family, dear to me, so I chose them.

Then... once you submit that form, you will wait for Laurie Rhoades, our amazing Warrior Coordinator, to confirm your family.
So far it is extremely easy. Once you know who you are a warrior for, you let the family know. You can ask them what fundraisers they have and how you can help to share them on Facebook and twitter and on your blog if you have one. The thing about adopting is there is a LOT of paperwork and preparing and fundraising to be done. Families are BUSY. So, something as simple as sharing their fundraisers or even just their FSP to keep them 'out there' can really be helpful!

You can also do your own fundraisers for your family if you have any ideas! It is a brilliant way to help support the Reece' Rainbow families!

On that note...

I am beyond excited... I am OVER.THE.MOON! I have waited (not) patiently to share this!!! You have NO idea!! I LOVE Rob and Julia Nalle, they are DEAR DEAR friends and have helped more kids home than we can count.

Not joking. Julia has shouted so many of 'our' waiting children over oceans to HOME she should have an aeroplane named for her! Families know to ask her to blog for their adoptions because they know a post from her means she won't give up til they are funded.

Anyway, go see Julia's news! I promise you, you will be just as excited as I am!!

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