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Have you heard about Reece's Rainbow's newest Warrior program? The Family Warrior Program is a brilliant way to help a family (hands on!) get their child home! There is NO MONETARY commitment to helping a family. You can read more about the program here (http://reecesrainbow.org/familywarriorprogram) and you can also follow along with me as a Family Warrior!

I went to the family warrior page and at the bottom there is a Sign Up button. When you click that you can choose the type of warrior you want to be, in this case, I chose FAMILY. You can also choose which family or just request a family in need of a warrior. I knew of a family, dear to me, so I chose them.

Then... once you submit that form, you will wait for Laurie Rhoades, our amazing Warrior Coordinator, to confirm your family.
So far it is extremely easy. Once you know who you are a warrior for, you let the family know. You can ask them what fundraisers they have and how you can help to share them on Facebook and twitter and on your blog if you have one. The thing about adopting is there is a LOT of paperwork and preparing and fundraising to be done. Families are BUSY. So, something as simple as sharing their fundraisers or even just their FSP to keep them 'out there' can really be helpful!

You can also do your own fundraisers for your family if you have any ideas! It is a brilliant way to help support the Reece' Rainbow families!

On that note...

I am beyond excited... I am OVER.THE.MOON! I have waited (not) patiently to share this!!! You have NO idea!! I LOVE Rob and Julia Nalle, they are DEAR DEAR friends and have helped more kids home than we can count.

Not joking. Julia has shouted so many of 'our' waiting children over oceans to HOME she should have an aeroplane named for her! Families know to ask her to blog for their adoptions because they know a post from her means she won't give up til they are funded.

Anyway, go see Julia's news! I promise you, you will be just as excited as I am!!

I have never been one to do product reviews and probably won't be starting to anytime soon, but I DO like to share with my readers (both of you ;) ) when I find something that I think will help you in your walk with the Lord or help someone begin their walk with the Lord. This is just one of those things...

Walking in God's Grace - Practical Answers to Tough Questions is a book you can buy from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (I only looked on .com and .co.uk so if you live elsewhere be sure to check YOUR version of Amazon). There is also a Kindle edition for those so inclined. Ok, so the logistics out of the way...

Walking in God's Grace: Practical Answers to Tough Questions does just what it sets out to do. It provides sound, Biblical and practical answers to some of the tricky questions one encounters on their journey in life as a Christian, centred around encouraging people to live a life of grace. It does so by using a simple Q&A format, from which one can either read start to finish (as I did) or dip in and pick out a topic and glean some hard earned wisdom from the writers. From the outset, I would not say that this book attempts to answer all the theological questions one would ever encounter on their Christian journey (that in itself is an impossible endeavour), but it certainly seems to target many of those questions where people struggle.

The writer addresses complex issues and present them in ways suitable for the average layperson. For example, it addresses and corrects the ubiquitous misconception (and also the result of this belief) that God will answer all our prayers (if two people pray together) based on the passage 'where two or more are gathered in my name'.

The structure, really is a 'from the ground up' sort of approach. It assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of the topics, which is useful since many believers often have erroneaous views. It starts out defining grace, setting the foundation for the rest of the book. Then it explains such topics as salvation, sin, repentance, good works, and there is even a quick 'how to' for reading scripture. I noted, and was quite encouraged by the author's desire to motivate the reader to approach scripture in a healthier way than is often found even among seasoned Christians. Rather than 'just' being a list of answers to questions, this book could be a guide to those who need guidance. The questions are of a very practical nature. They are put together in such a way as to enable the reader to deal with issues they may have faced or will yet face.

Questions such as 'How do I reassure my friends and family that I care just as much for them?' and 'I have not been living right and have messed up really bad. Can God still, or will God still, forgive me?' are answered with sound advice. At the end there is a helpful list of resources for those who want to learn more or who may have further questions. All in all, I found this to be an enjoyable book. It is not too complicated or lengthy for the new Christian, and yet I sense that many mature Christians would also benefit from it.

I can also say, hand on heart, that World Prayr has a genuine heart to reach the world for God. I have known many of the World Prayr team and their founder for many years. They have gone out of their way to help the ministry for whom I serve, Reece's Rainbow, raise awareness and we are blessed for that. They serve with integrity and just want to reach the world with prayer and God's Grace so this book is a perfect way for them to continue their efforts. I have been blessed by this book and know you will be, as well.

The Mr. and I have been married for ten years. When we came to that milestone we were both a little shocked. I mean, how did ten years go by both so quickly and drag on so at the same time?

It always sounded so much longer when I said it than when he did (which ironically is the reverse of how my age sounds when he says it and when I do) but alas, somehow, though I am still celebrating my 21st birthday, ten years have slipped by, near enough eleven in fact.

I will be honest, there were times, coming right up to the big 'one oh' where I wondered if we would make it. Other times the confidence that if we hadn’t failed yet we never would… which usually is immediately followed with the former thought. Marriage is not for the faint of heart…or mind. It is hard work and though there are so many moments of blessing, realistically probably more than not, we struggle so to see those when things are hard.

Things like bills and those things that children sometimes do that cause stress can distort our view of one another and even God. The enemy is usually right there in the midst of our struggles whispering shouting in our ears deceptions and lies or twisted realities just to trip us up, to cause us to not turn to God because we need Him, but to turn ON Him to blame him.

How often we are guilty of accusing God of not taking care of us because our bills are bigger than our budget… never mind those little things that when combined in one stack really do 'add up' which we knew better but threw caution to the wind only to feel overcome by the hurricane it became?

We model appalling behaviour to our children and when they seem to have learned those habits, and learned them WELL, we shout at God blaming Him for making our children 'that way’. (of course, Little Poppet is perfect ;) )

We tell God we just can’t manage all we have to do forgetting that ‘little folding of the hands’ and ‘a little slumber’ that put us behind schedule but blaming Him for ‘giving us more than we can handle’. 

Then we look at our spouse and think, it is their fault, if they would just sort out their sorry lives, ours would be so much better. They aren’t loving enough, they don’t work hard enough, if only they would just grow up… and the blame game goes on and on.

I have always made my best effort to honour my husband… on my blog or Facebook. I don’t discuss personal things in a place where I really have no way to know who is ‘listening’ and I don’t intend to change that now, but that doesn’t mean we live in an ivory tower free from any struggle or pain or failure. If we could live there, I probably would (ha!) but no, that isn’t our current address.

I could write a book on marriage with all that we have experienced and suffered through. Not sure anyone would pay to read our complaining and whinging though ;) and really it would be more of a what NOT to do book than what TO do...

Seriously though (in case you didn’t know that was a joke), we have had our share of hardships in the past decade but thankfully we have also had our share of blessings and far more than our share of miracles in our little family.

I could share all the things we do that have caused hurt and damage to our relationship and family. Likewise I could share all the ways we have chosen wisely and seen the fruit of our sacrifice and labour. I could and will and have shared the many, many ways God has absolutely held us and led us and provided for us, miraculously in so many ways.

But… The bottom line is this. People need the Lord.

(I am including a video of a song by that same title.)

But ultimately, a marriage *with* the Lord in it is hard enough. I simply would not want to even try marriage without God in it. We try to have God the centre of our marriage… sadly He is often shoved outside and patiently waits for us to get to that place where we realise we need Him and try to put Him back where He should be.

(I highly recommend watching the video. We discovered Steve Green a few weeks ago (when I say discovered, I actually mean, we learned of him because he was ‘discovered’ some 35 years ago) and he is the Godliest and most HUMBLE man who wants to serve the Lord and DOES that I’ve seen in many many years. He grew up in Argentina as a missionary kid. He is still a missionary, they have been to 50 countries and doing missions work, as well as his singing. But if you have the chance to watch him in his Spanish concerts you will see an amazing love between him and the people he is singing to. It is a rare and beautiful thing.)

My book on marriage?

Well, let’s just say it’s a work in progress

authored not by me, but by my Lord.

And may my prayer always be...
Lord, Give us enough tears to keep us tender, enough hurts to keep us humane, enough of failure to keep our hands clenched tightly in Yours, and enough success to make us sure we belong to You. May we never take each other’s love for granted, but always experience that breathless wonder that exclaims: “Out of all this world, you have chosen me!” Then when life is done, and the sun is setting, may we be found, then as now, still hand in hand, still so proud, thanking you so very much for each other. May we serve You happily, faithfully, together, until at last one shall lay the other in Your arms. Amen
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