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It was nice to have David Tenant on my blog yesterday. The new Doctor Who is back to an 'older' doctor as he was in earlier years. So, that is interesting.

 Did you see the new title sequence to the new series of Doctor Who? Believe it or not, that was done by a graphic designer here in the UK (where Doctor Who is, as well).

[Read the article on BBC News]
When a Doctor Who fan created his own unofficial title sequence for the show and put it on YouTube, the producers saw it and liked it so much that they decided to use it for the new series, which begins on BBC One on Saturday.
It is probably the most hotly anticipated moment of the year on British television - the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who and the first proper appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord.
A few minutes into the show, the iconic music will start up and the new opening titles will kick in.
Those titles have been created by 46-year-old Billy Hanshaw from Leeds, who originally made the sequence simply to show off his graphics skills.
What happened next was the ultimate dream for any Doctor Who fan.
The article continues with,
Mr Hanshaw is a professional motion graphic designer who normally creates TV adverts and corporate presentations in his small home studio.
He made the Doctor Who sequence, he says, to show clients what else he could do and because, eventually, he hoped to move into TV and film.
In the past, the opening titles have taken viewers on a high-speed flight through space. In recent years, we have followed the Tardis as it hurtled down a wormhole through a terrifying maelstrom of psychedelic cloud, fire and debris.
Mr Hanshaw's big idea was to hurtle through time instead of space. In his YouTube video, the viewer is taken through the cogs of the Doctor's pocket watch before the Tardis is spat out of the centre of an MC Escher-inspired spiralling infinite clock face.
"The doctor is a Time Lord, he's not a Space Lord," Mr Hanshaw reasons.
"A lot of people have said that cogs and clocks are an obvious metaphor to use. But if it's so obvious, why hasn't it be done before?"
You can view the opening on Mr. Hanshaw's website.

In other less interesting news, the majority of the changes to Poppies Blooming have been finished. I will possibly keep tweaking here and there but overall, it is finished.

I still need to set up the .com again since I removed it from this site prior to moving the .co.uk here but for the most part the .com is not used other than for people who don't know to put .co.uk on it. I am proud of being English so having that on my domain name means something. Not that much, but it does... a little.

Some of the changes besides the general look and logo design, I added a drop menu at the top with some of the things that one wants on their site but not necessarily showing lol! So, a 'More' menu lets you follow on Facebook or networked blogs if you use that. The QR code and grab button are also there, though they are both on the multi tabbed side menu, as well. The blog is still using thepoppiesblog.co.uk even though it is now integrated with the main site so if you already were following that on networked blogs, you still will be. I will be bringing people's favourite posts over from the old blog eventually. Believe it or not, it has actually been requested. I thought I had bored most of those followers by lack of posting and then making it private. It is nice to know that I still may have one or two readers ;) . 

Yesterday I put together a post for the Reece's Rainbow blog and it prompted emails regarding the 'typo'. It was a post about the children 'Aging Out' only I spelt it 'Ageing' because well... I'm British. And as far as that goes, 'spelt' is also a correct form of 'spelled' here in Old Blighty.

So, in light of this, I decided to post (or re-post if you ever followed the former Poppies' Blog that still is but is no more) this post for your viewing enjoyment.

British Humour. We spell it differently and we do it differently... but still, have a laugh...

And finally, for any David Tennant fans...

I never realised until very recently that I possibly was an annoying child. I suppose that part of me that hopes I am not an annoying adult, as well, was hiding that possibility from the forefront of my mind.

When I was young, I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't go to bed at night because I simply wasn't tired. I could hear people downstairs watching TV or whatever and really thought that I needed to be kept abreast of all that was going on in the world. My world anyway.

Fast forward twenty fifteen a few years to my own child's lack of sleep patterns and there are nights she simply is nowhere near tired. Sleep is the furthest thing from her mind... it can be extremely difficult. Especially nights where I just need that time to get my work done but instead I am lying down trying to help a little Princess sleep.

Um. Not so much.
When I was young, no one tried to lie down with me to help me sleep. They ran me around the house trying to tire me out but instead I ended up running endlessly and they would go into another room and just ignore me until I was ready to sleep... But me, being an 'attachment parent' lie down and try to help the little one sleep. It wasn't working much so a wise friend of mine suggested I just get up and leave her awake and let her play or watch a show while I worked.

Yes, more like this...
It seriously has been so much less stressful knowing if she doesn't sleep she gets to watch 'What's in the Bible' (our one rule about this not sleeping is she watches shows that teach theology basically). I highly recommend these shows if anyone was going to ask, but be warned, some of the songs will get stuck in your head.

Below is one such song. The Bentley Brother's singing a song about 2 Samuel.
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